Funding acquisition

fundingEven good innovation projects are a long-term investment and usually taken as risky business with uncertain results. Resources for their financing can become the decision point go/no go thus affecting the future success.

To reduce own risks with new product development, ADDSEN helps to identify the most profitable idea, write an appropriate funding proposal and submit the bid to grant services.

There are many resourcing opportunities from European and national programmes - the biggest one is Framework Programme Seven (FP7) for period 2007-2013. It is meant to accomplish policies in public interest like innovation, employment, growth of competences, etc.

Let us be your added sense of funding acquisition!

H2020 proposal preparation

ADDSEN offers its services for current calls of 80 bn EU programme Horizon 2020 and other innovation development opportunities.

These services can be provided as a contracted consultancy or in form of partnership by involvement of ADDSEN to project consortium.


  • feasible project plan
  • balanced consortium setup
  • elicitation of win-win budget shares
  • consultation with grant provider (EU / national)
  • proofreading and refinements before submission
  • negotiation of Grant Agreement support/lead


Cooperation profile ADDSEN 2016-17

Take a look at the ADDSEN cooperation profile for Horizon 2020 calls expected in 2016-17. Investigate our vision in just 7 slides.


Your H2020 cooperation contact:

senior project manager
+421 949 048 163

During the period of FP7, Miroslav has worked on more than 25 proposals and implemented 9 projects as project manager/ coordinator. He leads the H2020 project team at ADDSEN.