Research on demand

ADDSEN provides research services in sectors of ICT / SECURITY / ENERGY / TRANSPORT / SOCIO-ECONOMIC STUDIES. ADDSEN offers unique R&D services on demand leading to delivery of usable research results:

  • User assessment centres including governmental services, non-governmental bodies, and independent experts.
  • Requirements and case studies in innovation implementation.
  • Business process innovations.
  • etc.

Let us be your added sense of R&D delivery!

H2020 proposal preparation

ADDSEN offers its services for current calls of 80 bn EU programme Horizon 2020 and other innovation development opportunities.

These services can be provided as a contracted consultancy or in form of partnership by involvement of ADDSEN to project consortium.


  • feasible project plan
  • balanced consortium setup
  • elicitation of win-win budget shares
  • consultation with grant provider (EU / national)
  • proofreading and refinements before submission
  • negotiation of Grant Agreement support/lead


Cooperation profile ADDSEN 2016-17

Take a look at the ADDSEN cooperation profile for Horizon 2020 calls expected in 2016-17. Investigate our vision in just 7 slides.


Your H2020 cooperation contact:

senior project manager
+421 949 048 163

During the period of FP7, Miroslav has worked on more than 25 proposals and implemented 9 projects as project manager/ coordinator. He leads the H2020 project team at ADDSEN.