Sensible Innovation Management

ADDSEN assists excellent scientific teams and promising businesses in Central Europe to discover and fully realize their potential.

Our 18 years of hands-on experience, extensive knowledge base and a network of proven partners across the EU can become also YOUR ADDitional SENse for innovation.


By adding our consultants in-house and nurturing partnerships.


Made possible with grants and increased process efficiency..


The road to success is always complex. Measure it at any point.


Any innovation is assessed from various policy perspectives.

Tailored Solutions
Support your Vision & Needs

Every case of ADDSEN starts with a blank page and provoking questions. Your plan is drawn after understanding of motivations and discussing alternatives. Our partners deserve our full attention so we work only with a small number of clients at time. Quality wins over quantity.

Horizon Europe, H2020 and FP7 projects implemented
mil EUR funding secured for projects of our clients
consortial RIA, IA and CSA projects coordinated​ by the ADDSEN team

Our Team

ADDSEN team is composed of internal staff and contractual experts. This allows to mix and match project teams efficiently, based on their purpose and objectives. We define ourselves as a group of open-minded enthusiasts that take every case as their own business.

Miroslav Konecny is the head of the team. He has been practicing innovation management since 2006. Miroslav has become one of the most successful project managers and framework project coordinators in the CEE region. He is also an expert of the Platinn network at JIC Brno.


Lucia Davidova is a project and innovation consultant at ADDSEN. 

She has great talent to explore the unknown for the benefit of our clients.


Peter Beno is a senior process consultant at ADDSEN. 

He was a national expert for Model Grant Agreement so knows all implications.


Daniela Macakova is a senior process and project manager at ADDSEN. 

She is precise at resource management and in-time delivery in the best possible quality.

Women-empowering projects (Horizon Europe)

The main objective of ST(R)E(A)M IT is to initiate change in persisting gender inequalities in STEM education, research, and innovation in order to contribute to the ‘The European Manifesto for gender-inclusive STE(A)M education and careers.’ 

The project consortium is composed of 21 partners across Europe. The ADDSEN role is to connect Slovakia to the project activities, create specific tools for up-skilling participants in innovation management / business thinking and to create partnerships.

Implementation period: 1/2024 – 12/2026

Project funding: € 1,856 mil.

Target groups, please contact Lucia Davidova:

  • students (in particular girls) from secondary schools.
  • university students and PhD students in STEM field.
  • teachers of STEM subjects (secondary and tertiary).
  • science centers, museums, non-formal education pedagogues and trainers.
  • policy-makers at regional/ national and EU level involved in gender equality in STEM education.
  • successful women in the field STEM acting as role models/ mentors/ ambassadors.

INVEST’HER’s ambition is to foster knowledge-sharing and synergies between innovation actors, and initiatives/ projects to support the next generation of startups, with focus on women-led companies and gender-conscious investors. 

The project consists of 10 members from both advanced ecosystems and less advanced innovation ecosystems in Europe. The ADDSEN role is to disseminate identified best practice in Slovakia, enhance capabilities of potential women-led startups and contribute to up-scaling these activities in CEE. 

Implementation period: 3/2024 – 2/2026

Project funding: € 1 mil.

Target groups, please contact Lucia Davidova:

  • women-led start-ups.
  • capital providers (investors, public and private VCs and their networks, banks, Business Angels).
  • business acceleration services providers (incubators and accelerators).
  • innovation agencies, business clubs and networks.
  • policy and decision-makers (local, regional, and national authorities, EU institutions).
Funded EU
Funded EU

Twinning for excellence project (Horizon Europe)

FreeTwinEV project creates a robust partnership among Slovak University of Technology (SK) and three more advanced institutions: including the University of Twente (NL), Linz Centre of Mechatronics (AT), and ADDSEN (SK). Together, they aim to foster international collaboration and knowledge exchange that will bolster STU’s capabilities and establish it as a nucleus for battery research

Implementation period: 5/2024 – 4/2027

Project funding: € 1,467 mil.

Target groups, please contact Peter Beno

  • Mobility exchanges and summer schools to facilitate knowledge transfer.
  • Joint training programs to enhance both hard and soft skills of researchers and project managers.
  • Upgrades to STU’s Project Office to streamline research and project management processes.
  • Development of strategic research and internationalization agendas to synchronize with global research trends.

Funded EU

ADDSEN has created a signpost website on a recognizable address for any institution interested in financing their development via EC programme Horizon 2020.

Its purpose was to explain benefits and rules from various perspectives of SME, research, enterprise, non-governmental sector and include the motivating stories of successful ones. (in Slovak)

The ADDSEN company Plan for gender equality and diversity 2023-2027 (GEP) is a set of our commitments and concrete actions that aim to promote gender equality in the company. 

ADDSEN, s.r.o. has been audited and certified according to requirements of the Quality Management System  9001:2015.

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The company is registered in Slovakia in the Register of Companies of the Municipal Court Bratislava III, Section: Sro, Insert No. 85479/B.